USDT TRC20 In Trust Wallet

i’m new to this cryptocurrency and i have trc20 in my trust wallet and i want to transfer this to my bank then i learned you have to transfer it to binance but in order to do so you have to have trx for the networking fee. i don’t have anyone i can ask for this (can’t afford to buy it since the minimum is $50) can someone help me i just need 10TRX :(( this is my TRX address TYXUiZXeUmbheRhrWzgm8ZPr5T8u241GWA please help me!! :((

Hi, I’m new too. Would like to ask my USDT ERC20. I’ve transferred 100 USD to it.
And now I would like to withdraw it but it states that I do not have enough ETH to proceed with the withdrawal.
Is there any way for me to do it? I do not have ETH and do not want to top up ETH just to process with the fees