USDT (TRC20) not deposited to Trust Wallet

I transferred 302 Tether with Tron network from kucoin to Trust Wallet
Although two hours have passed, but it is not in the wallet yet


to: 1TLyBJUZ1Gr72QnbHu2EJTYEF68bgUAh7dp


Me too, 15 hours waiting this,

success at tronscan but balance still 0 at this apk


whats going on?? zzzzzzz soo bad experience


I’m having the same problem. what is going on? when is it gonna be deposited?
I checked on Tronscan and the result is “success” but my balance is 0



Мне тоже 24.05.2021 в 11:00 дня перевели USDT TRC20 - прошло 12 часов и нихуа.
Что за день?!..

I don’t know, where can we contact Trust wallet Support section? all I can see is users answering each other
I don’t see this problem being solved by one of us


Аналогично!!! Только обращения и никакой поддержки! Может молчат потому что выходной?! хз…

ok I was mad, I admit it. I solved my problem. apparently there’s been an updated version which google play did not notify me about it. as soon as I updated my wallet, the transaction appeared and everything is ok. I hope this will solve your problem too.


I have same problem pls help me i transfer 1000 usdt.

you’re the best man. thanks so muchhh. Problem solved. Update trustwallet app

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glad I could help :wave: :v: it was really annoying for a moment :))
hope everyone can make it work

I have the same problem, but App is up-to-date. Can you tell what App version do you have? Maybe this update is not yet available in my region.

I have v.1.28.6

your app is not up-to-date
mine is 1.28.8
try going to play store using a vpn which has a CANADA sever. this way you can have access to the new version sooner.

hi.i make a mistake.i send my send address i should use resive address.what should i do?

Hi everyone. Who can help me please. I sent my tokens SYL probit to trustwallet with an adresse etheurem i was wrong and i received the notification that i received my tokens but the probleme i have nothing on my wallet Plz need help

My SafeMoon coins disappeared from TrystWallet. They were showing yesterday and 30 min ago disappeared. Somebody please help.

It’s funny. 1 minute later after my message, Google Play allowed me to update App. And this solved issue.

@itsarashalm you are the champ :slight_smile:. Thank you.

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I have same problem, i can see my balance in the main page but it can not be swap to any token.

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