USDT TRC20 pain

Dude I under and get the process to send and protect the transactions but the morons who thought lets make 50of the same coin but change its own insert number here. Beyond the fact it seems that I may have to pay 50bucks for trx tokens just to use 7.1 to send the funds I had put back for that Random rainy day. By chance anyone want to trade some TRX for TRXB as I leaned to this was another failure TRXB does not work as a substitute for sending Tether Trc20. Is there a swap option within the Dapps by chance that I can swap from the trc20 tether because honestly im waiting on a new prepaid debit card in the mail but I figured well I could use my crypto and til I have access to my checking again but nope up the creek with boat. Thanks for any help crypto familia

Tron TRX address
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