Usdt (trc20) swap needed to different network or usdt (bep20)

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Hello anyone, i have the same problem.
I have some USTD ( TRC20 ).
Is there way to swap the USTD (TRC20 ) to
USTD ( BEP20) ? Or swap to any other network or coin? I purchased the USDT ( TRC20) to send it to Tronlink Pro and cloud mine JST. I didnt send more USDT because Tronlink pro kept telling me that my password is incorrect…but i know the PW is correct because i saved it to my USB stick.
Anyways any advice will be greatly appreciated . :slightly_smiling_face:

@Plank040813 I already answered your question here; I can't use my USDT TRC20 please hell - #3 by Alan47