USDT withdraw from team tether customer service

I have get msg from. Telegram that say I was get the gift bonus from tether official (this link)
They told me that I was win third price is 7000 usdt
But I have to used trust wallet to get the bonus , so I just install trush wallet again … After that they told me I need to deposit 50 usdt to activate my trust wallet … And that account is my own … So I deposit it … But after I deposit they said I need to complete 2nd mission … Is deposit 150 and get extra bonus 15 usdt … so I start not to trust … so I just said I will make more transaction to complete it …

And after I do the transaction
1 transaction is 50.20 and withdraw 50.03
2nd deposit 51.2
After that my wallet was withdraw 50 + 1 from they said it from tether team to this address 0x82AA1a9d7083020194A847F7bBa662eD0dE99999 txid is
coz I not deposit in once time 150 so they want me to make another 150 usdt deposit I. Once time so I will get my 51 back also system will automatically sent to bonus I win 7000 in the same time … So may I know that if I deposit this is real or what pls give me a hand

And the once they said
(My name is amy, customer service number 0017 )
Is this department have this people


@Prakhun that is obvious scam. Legit companies will never DM you on Telegram or other social medias asking you for money. You have to stop communicating with them.
Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.


Also the contract address wich is mentioned up is the same person wich steal from me too


The same story it do with me . The scammer must be punish he stallen me from 504 usdt and i got proves but i can’t upload here because do not let me :frowning: