Не отображается баланс кошелька usdt

зашел с нового устройства по icloud, на балансе 0,
на каком сервисе можно проверить наличие токенов usdt.
можно ли напрямую обратиться в службу поддержки Trust

I have sent BTC from my binance wallet, the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, but in my trustwallet my balance appears $0 and it also appears received, but my balance is still $0 I am desperate, please help

App version 8.9.1
Android or PC model
Wallet address bc1qyqfh0n77yjxchs9e0qmgmn7hgkc85kuwd5kmlq
Hash: 66ad30ac752ee0f98f4550dd2d6ae7e473e4104fd5cd869817aefaf47f4664b9
Reliable Wallet BTC Coin Binance

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What I have done is that the version of Google Play is version 8.9.1, I had to go to the official site, and download the APK version of Android, and boom it was solved, the assets were always in the wallet, but due to some error The new version that they have updated does not show the funds, the APK version IS 8.7.1 and it is FUNCTIONAL!

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