Used BNB to buy SAFEMOON, but SAFEMOON shows 0

Hello, ive purchased some safemoon with BNB but I do not see any transactions in pancakeswap and my trustwallet shows safemoon at 0. BSC scan does show a transaction and history however.
Ive tried to add contract id manually, updated the app as well as ensured by smart chain is set properly.

thanks for any help

Transaction hash: 0x6c9fc4069949b9db58952734b8543d5dce9c5ff55d2482c7418c377557507f23

Wallet: 0xf6d61d7c8b184a2110bbac5abb3d8bd1c910ba6a

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Hello @jdellipa
You made a swap to Safemoon but your Safemoon were sent here 0xf02b41568aa1ac29c2cddea71926716f0eb7bfd2

Hey Jenny thanks so much for reply

Hmm so my safemoon went to a different wallet? Anyway to determine if that is mine and I can still grab it?
Or is it a scam? What happened exactly?

Can you confirm the link where you made the swap? How did you access the link?

Hey Jenny thanks again for reply and helping me

I simply googled pancake swap, and used the finance link, connected my wallet and made the transaction

You connected to a fake dApp.
Only use a dApp directly accessible from your dApps browser in your Trust app.

Can anyone help please?
I cannot create a new topic, but i bought SAFEMOON using pancakeswap, but my transaction shows zero.
I have already safemoons in wallet, so coin is active.

Very strange, see screenshot. It says 0 safemoon for that transaction.

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0x992a7aeccf8319ed4778a428dea4e85e57adcdae3053e5d506a93c3eb95911fa safemoon aldım ama hesaba gecmiyor bu şekilde 4 işlem daha var hesaba nasıl aktarabilirsiniz

Hello @arslan2 according to SafeMoon from December 29, any v1 token transfer will have 100% tax.

Read more here:

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.

I have the same issues. Logged in today and saw safemo9n ant -70% and I bought 38$ worth of bnb and got zero. What do I need to do?

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Can someone please help, I brought bnb to safemoon v2 and it was approved but then went to smart contract and now I can’t find the money anywhere

Transaction hash 0xeeeb38379ff38f97dc7e70d7f3776bd41e7fcdceceb97ce6cde4a5d45f23e17f

Hello @Beckyjaneox
It seems you bought the V1 tokens and not the V2

@Alan47 just read your response, does that mean safemoon or trust wallet would not credit me the 60m plus token I purchased?

No Trust wallet aren’t responsible for this, you need to contact the safemoon team as said earlier.

Thank you. How do I find them? What do I search for in the trust wallet??

You can check for their official social media handles or contact them through their website.

Safemoon says they have informed this update to all the exchanges and it the responsibility of them to implement it.

I got a reply from Safemoon and the claim that they have notified all the exchanges to disable safemoon V1 and its their responsibility to refund if any transaction happens through channel

OK how about reversing a transfer from my safemoon trust wallet wallet to safemoon app wallet

Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.