Using balance to purchase crypto

Hi there, I want to transfer my balance to an exchange but need Tron to transfer my USDT. To purchase it however, you need to buy with an external provider using a bank card (or similar). Leaves me in a bind as both of my banks have recently stopped allowing crypto purchases, so I can’t use my cash for Tron! However, I can use some of my balance for it. Is this possible and if so how do I do it? I sincerely hope it is possible otherwise I can’t use it! Thanks.


@Billion3 You would need to get TRON from an exchange like Binance then deposit to your Trust app if you’re unable to buy through your Trust app.


Thanks - as I assumed…any chance we will be able to use our balance in future?


@Billion3 No not at all.
You’ll still need to pay gas fees.


I understand we will always need to pay gas fees. I meant, any chance we can use our balance to purchase coins in future.

@Billion3 That’s what I’m saying, you can swap some tokens in the Swap section of the Trust app but you’d still need to pay gas fees.