Using Frontier with Trust Wallet

What is Frontier?

Simple and secure wallet for accessing DeFi at your mobile, without giving your private keys. Frontier introduces the concept of wallet composability to DeFi via TxLink, enabling applications like Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Fortmatic, imToken, or any web3 mobile wallet which supports EIP-681 to interact with all of Frontierʼs native integrations.

Frontier integrates the Trust Wallet SDK to make the DeFi experience on Mobile more seamless and transaction signing more convenient. With this integration, Trust wallet users can now import the Public Eth address in one click into Frontier and start tracking DeFi Portfolio and perform DeFi operations.

No DApp browser on Trust Wallet? Access your favorite DApps through Frontier.

Where to get Frontier?

Download the app here: and then launch it.
No Private Keys or Recovery Phrases needed.

You will be presented with an option to add an Ethereum Watch Address or Connect it with Trust Wallet.

Test out the demo.eth wallet by importing it as a Watch Address.

What can I do with Frontier?

With Frontier, any user can:

Watch and Manage Assets

Handle Multiple DeFi Positions

Interact with NFTs

Participate in Staking

Access DApps

DEX Trades

How to Connect to Trust Wallet?

With just a few taps, you can add your Multi-Coin Wallet to Frontier by connecting your Trust Wallet.
No need to expose your Recovery Phrase.

Tap on Connect Trust Wallet and then tap on OK on the prompt “Share my public addresses?”

All supported blockchains will show up. Tap on Done to complete the connection process.

When submitting transactions, Trust Wallet will pop-up to ask for your confirmation.