Using Koinly how do I put my transaction history onto it ? Can it be auto synced like binance?

For tax Purposes I’m using Koinly to stay on top of my taxes and for adding Trust Wallet it explains i need to find history buttong and export CSV but I dont see this anywhere and as Trust is my most used Wallet this is needed big time.

Thanks for any support I have the following coins in my Wallet.


But have also had other coins at different points that i’ve exchanged, converted, traded etc that I cant remember each and every one of them.

So yeah transaction history is needed to cover all these forgotten ones.


Hi I use Koinly also, you can just connect your wallet address for each coin, this will auto add the transactions the only issue there is is that it does not show staking rewards for this you need a CSV file I am trying to find this atm.

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Hi Did you find a way to find the CSV files for BNB staking rewards on Trust wallet at all?

Has anyone manage to find a way to get the staking rewards history for BNB on Trust wallet? I can’t even contact Trust wallet support as their captcha is broken and I can’t post as I have only newly registered.

@Dannyboi09 unfortunately there’s no transaction history on app or explorer. You can use this bot on telegram to track your rewards: Telegram: Contact @BSC_Binance_Chain_Bot

Ok yep just tried that and saw my history. Hopefully in future there would be a more UI friendly way of doing this. Thanks Alan47.