Using Trust wallet as a tool to register multiple wallets on my domain

I bought a domain from FIO in December and linked it to my Trust wallet, I understand integration is underway. Once it is up and running. I live in Victoria falls and have introduced a few people to the space but of course I want to tell everyone! To that end, I would like to issue addresses from my domain to those I’ve introduced to the “Digital asset” space - I thought the domain could be a powerful tool in demonstrating the development of the industry by drawing direct parallels between the evolution of the internet and that of the IOV. As I’m not a coder… I’ve been wracking my brains as to how to do this, then had half an idea.
Might I be able to create the wallets in my Trust wallet and then export the wallets in their entirety with named domain relinquishing every manner of access in the process?


Welcome @Ynot to the community


Thanks bro, might pick up a little knowledge


There is much to learn here from various people in this community. They are all willing to help and explain stuff, helps out a lot for us new folks to crypto world.

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