Using TRX on PancakeSwap

Greetings all. About 10 hours ago I moved some TRX from binance to my Trust wallet.
I can see the TRX in my balance in trust, so I know it is there. But on PancakeSwap it says my balance is zero.
What am I doing wrong?


Make sure you have added TRX in pancake swap.
If it does not show up have you changed your network from ETH to Smartchain within trust. May need to change Manage tokens with Pancake swap Dapp.
Let me know

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Thanks for your reply.
How do you add in pancakeswap? I can’t see that function on the website.
Also, how do you change the network within Trust?
I have the Trust app, but I can’t see a Manage tokens function.
Sorry for all the questions, your help is appreciated.

I have same problem with TRX . I have done all you have mentioned but still problem persist plz help

Actually, I found the manage button.
That’s no problem, TRX is the only coin I currently hold in the wallet, so it is at the top of the list and is showing the correct amount that I transferred.
The problem is that this amount doesn’t show when I connect trust to PancakeSwap via the browser

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Actually I am using it on android but I can’t even get balance on DEX also . Son I think it’s the problem with trust itself .

I see TRX in pancakeswap are having problems you may have to message pancakeswap for updates on your issues. It maybe a pancakeswap issue with TRX network.