Value not showing

Hello please help me out here. I transferred my shiba inu from huobi to trustwallet. I added the coins maunally to my wallet, but they are of no value. How do i fix this please?

Hello please read this:

Hi Jenny oke, bur its about shiba inu. This is a coin wel known normally. Can uou please rake a look at the picture. That i attached? Thank you.

Hello @Tony37
That SHIBA is on the Heco chain and that is why it doesn’t show a value.
Only the ERC20 and BEP20 SHIBA token prices are displayed on the Trust app.

Oke, but i wanted to send it back becaus i really want the value to be showen. But this is not possible as it says i have no value. Are these coins now of no value anymore? Or how do i cash them out?

This is what it is saying if i want to sen it back so i can see the value again.

Hi @Tony37
You need to withdraw your tokens to an exchange that supports HECO pegged SHIBA

Hi Jenny, can you teach me how please. Because according tot the screenshot that i provided in my previous post, that wont work because there is only quantitie and no value.

You withdrew from Huobi which supports Heco pegged tokens.
Just send the SHIBA tokens back to your Huobi receiving address and make a swap there.

That does not work i get this following message.

Hello @Tony37
That is saying you need to have Huobi Eco chain in your wallet to serve as gas fees.
You can send a little amount of that to your Trust wallet

Hi jenny thanku, can you show me how to do that please? Do i need to buy this at huobi first or how do i do this best?

Hello yes it seems the best option is to buy that from Huobi, send to your Trust wallet then withdraw out back to your Huobi wallet