Value of coins not showing only on my account

I have 2 tokens that are not showing there value though on my friends trust wallet account they do have a value.

This seems to happen alot on individual trust wallet accounts as I have other friends that have coins that I have and I can see a value and they do not.

Can you please advise how to troubleshoot this problem? E.g. is fullsend I cannot see a value though my friend can


Hi, I have the same problem. I just purchased some Mello Token. I only see the number of token. However I don’t see the $value of the token. Could someone help?

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Hello i have a same problem my coin not showing amount. I dont know how to do it

Same issue on my side for bnb - eth swap and bnb - trx swaps on pancakeswap.
Eth and trx qty not updated on the list since the swap yesterday.
Re-adding the coins on the list, re-setting the latest app version etc. Is not solving the issue
Quick support and resolution would be appreciated.

I have same issue with my Tbake token. Earlier they have the value, but since yesterday, I dont have them. Is there anything that we can do about them?

I got the same problem. It’s showing the number of tokens but not showing the ~ $ amount.
Please help, getting frustrated :pleading_face:
Thank you!!!

I’m having the same problem I swapped BNB for Ocean
Cleanup Coin on Pancake Swap It Shows how many coins I have but No Monitary Value in my Trust Wallet

Can Someone Please Help I Can’t Figure Out What to Do I Don’t Know How To Use A VPN I Could Use Some Help With That As Well

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Had similar issue too, I can see the units of Tardigrades I bought but not the exact USD equivalent I paid for. PLS HELP!!

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I also have a similar problem as well. I have purchased Fullsend tokens on Bitmart and I then transferred them to my TW acct. I have prices for another token but not for FullSend. Why? Is there a fix?

Hello, these are the criteria for showing price : Where Does Trust Wallet Get Coin Pricing Data From?