VALUE Token Price

Hey, you helped me to bring my “VALUE” token appear on my trust wallet by giving me the contract address to add a custom token,
This contract address: 0xcf6afbb480351a27950f96923094a0ce1559cc26

But I can’t see the price, I checked the link that you gave me for this issue but it didn’t help. The token has price on coinmarketcap and it’s trading but I can’t see the price here.
Is it another token?

But if it’s another token, WHY the receive address is same?

and here is my trustwallet version:

THANKS for your time and help.

@moamirom the token (VALUE) you have in your wallet is completely different from the one on the CMC even their contract addresses. Only names are identical.

Wallet address will be the same as long as both are ERC20 tokens that means… any ERC20 token will have same address as ETH Address on that specific wallet.
Also, in Trust Wallet ERC20, BEP20 and polygon addresses are identical too.

I didn’t know that.
My tokens were on atomic wallet around 18000 of this token. I moved them to Okex. They said it was on wrong network so they asked me to pay mine fee and they will refund me. I did pay and they sent them to my trust wallet and then you helped me to bring them on. They were aroun 18000 token now they are more than 24000 (not the price, the number of them).
Don’t know what happened to them during all this process but As you said it’s another Value token and it worth noting :pensive::pensive:
That was the story, thanks for your help bro