Ve chain not sent to my address in trust wallet

Hello can someone please help, I was trying to send my ve chain from Binance. I had to options to send it with, ve chain and BNB smart chain (BEP 20) cause the fees were lower with Bnb I sent with that but it never made it. Please help


Hello @Marko77771
Your tokens didn’t reflect because you withdrew VET BEP20 to your native VET address.

To recover your funds, please follow this guide:

Select ETH in the coin part, then select the BIP32 option under Derivation Path, Client “Custom derivation path” .
Enter the following values for BIP32 Derivation Path m/44'/818'/0'/0

and continue with Step 4.

After getting the private key, open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > BSC > import the private key

I tried but it won’t send the transaction won’t finish the circle keeps spinning on Nufinetes app

@Marko77771 What exactly did you try?
What you just sent doesn’t seem related to the instructions above.