Video Tutorial Contest

In our community, we meet a lot of new users with little to no prior experience around crypto assets. For most of them, Trust Wallet is their first-ever experience with this new decentralized world.

Trust Wallet community: are you ready for making some great videos watched by people everyday? We are calling for the most creative among you to make tutorial videos that show a complete overview of Trust Wallet and what one can do with crypto!

Win prizes just by helping people to store their crypto asset secure with Trust.

Show your friends and followers how to use Trust Wallet through a creative video tutorial. This video should be easily understandable for people who have little to no prior experience with crypto assets. The three best entries chosen by the community and TW team will share a total prize pool equivalent to $3,000 USD!

Submission deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019 (UTC 00:00:00)

How to participate:

  1. Create a video and post it on video streaming websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  2. Post the link to the video on Twitter and tag @TrustWalletApp
  3. Follow Trust Wallet official Twitter account @TrustWalletApp
  4. Fill out this form and don’t forget to tell us your Binance Account Email Address


  • The 3 most creative videos will share a total prize pool equivalent to $3,000 USD in BNB. Places 4-6 will receive a Trust Wallet swag package!
  • First Place: $1,500 USD
  • Second Place: $1000 USD
  • Third Place: $500 USD
  • Fourth to Sixth Place: Trust Wallet gift swag package

What should the video include?

  • English video caption and/or narration
  • Download and installation
  • Wallet creation and backup
  • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency

A few suggested guiding questions to address in your video

  • These are some ideas that can set your video apart from the rest. Please feel free to explore other ideas.
  • What’s a DApp? How can I use them with Trust Wallet?
  • How to exchange/swap crypto assets with Trust Wallet?
  • What are good and bad ways to store your recovery phrase?
  • What is staking? How can you do it with Trust Wallet?
  • Best practices for handling crypto (security, privacy, fraud prevention)
  • How is Trust Wallet different from a centralized exchange?


  • We will pre-select 6 semi-finalists based on creativity, usefulness, and quality of the video. Afterwards we will have a community vote to crown the winners of our competition!.
  • The community will judge the entries based on whether the video is easy-to-understand, useful, and creative.


  • Trust Wallet will announce the 6 semi-finalists within 7 business days after the conclusion of the competition
  • The 3 final winners will be chosen after the semi-finalists announcement, through a public poll from our community and by the Binance angels. We will weight the votes of each with 50%.
  • By participating in this competition, you acknowledge that your Twitter username and video will be made public if you win.
  • Your video has to be submitted in the English language to be considered
  • Copyright of the submitted video remains with the respective entrants. However, in consideration of winning one of the prizes, each entrant grants a worldwide royalty-free perpetual licence to Binance to feature any or all of the submitted materials in any and all media for publicity and marketing purposes. This implies that any entry can be used for promotional purposes.
  • All contest participants grant Binance the perpetual licence to copy, edit, display, publish and make available their submission materials and agree that Binance and partner/s may publish the submitted materials for this contest for commercial use.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion.

Good luck, Trust Wallet team.

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