Viktor Radchenko to stand down as Trust Wallet CEO

Hey Trust Wallet fam,

We’d just like to share with you that Viktor Radchenko, Founder of Trust Wallet, is standing down from the CEO role and day-to-day management to spend more time with his family and fun projects.
The current Marketing Vice President at Binance, Eowyn Chen, will succeed Viktor as our CEO to scale growth and continue our mission to bring about crypto adoption.

Viktor shared: “Trust Wallet has been my life’s work since 2017. Today, tens of millions of people trust us to be stewards of their crypto assets to which I will be forever grateful. Binance has been an incredible partner for me with maximum autonomy I could have wished for, and for that I have the utmost respect for CZ and the Binance team.”

“Though I will step down from the executive role to focus on my family, I will always support the Trust Wallet team and remain available as a user, mentor, and community contributor. Knowing Eowyn since 2018, she will be a great team leader and will help to scale Trust Wallet to the next hundreds of millions of users.”

Binance CEO CZ shared: “Viktor is truly a crypto pioneer who has from day one embraced the importance of trust, community and decentralization. I speak for the community when I say we are grateful for his endeavours. In Eowyn we have a highly experienced and capable leader, who will continue to ensure that it retains the autonomy and freedom to develop the core product while benefiting from the increased synergy of being part of the Binance ecosystem.”

Eowyn shared: “I am humbled and grateful for the trust that Viktor and CZ have in me to support the Trust Wallet team and community going forward. I learned two key values at Binance, being user-centric and community-driven, which I aim to bring to the Trust’s core team. The team and I will carry on Viktor’s vision to bring mass adoption of crypto and web3, along with our amazing community. I am amazed by how much the Trust team under Viktor’s leadership has been able to accomplish, and with a strong team like this, we can attract more mission-driven talents to join us to help millions of users to navigate through the decentralized world.”

At Trust Wallet, we have built a reputation for its ease-of-use and secure decentralized crypto wallet, that allows users to have self-custody over their assets and access decentralized services without us storing or accessing any of the user’s identity or asset data, giving users the most control and privacy.

In the past five years, we have integrated 63 blockchains and one million tokens into Trust Wallet, making it one of the most inclusive multi-chain wallets on the market. Meanwhile, we have been working hard to contribute to the wallet infrastructure in the industry with Wallet Core - an open-source project to enable more players to build decentralized crypto wallets. Besides building the product itself, we will continue contributing to the infrastructure development of the blockchain industry together with many passionate decentralized BUIDLers in the community.

We’re sad to see Viktor not involved as closely as before, but we know the importance of spending time with family and rest and thank him for his incredible service to the world of crypto so far!
The next chapter with Eowyn will be a very exciting one; having worked with Viktor in the past, while also bringing her own experience to the table - we know Trust Wallet will continue to grow in a number of ways and we’re really looking forward to our journey ahead with all of you.

Trust Wallet team :blue_heart: