VOTE BEP2 has a big bug!

Today I decided to “Swap” 1 BNB to VOTE BEP2, and there was written “You Get 4300 VOTE” after doing this Swap, I was given 3300 Vote, so I have now $23 in Vote, instead of $30, and I spent 1 BNB for that. I usually do Swap so much between BEP-2 tokens, but this was the first time I experienced this. Please let me know what do I need to do.


Hi @vahidtakro,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (go to settings and press “About”)
  2. BEP2 address
  3. Transaction ID
  4. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors, if any)
  1. 1.22.19 on Android.
  2. Is visible in Transaction.
  3. 6E15E54FAE220A0DF498ADF346F2101761C685918361ECF2880430FEC9BFB93D.
  4. No screenshots.

There is nothing wrong with the transaction. Perhaps, you misunderstood or saw something else regarding the pop-up you mentioned.

Reference: Trades Binance DEX 6E15E54FAE220A0DF498ADF346F2101761C685918361ECF2880430FEC9BFB93D

Reference: Dex Explorer

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Yes this is right but I got it while the price was 0.000235 in “Exchange” so I went back to swap immediately to do that with Swap. Maybe the possible way is that the price could change immediately after I did the Swap?


Yes, that is what likely happened. Swapping is prone to slippage.

I think I fonud the bug now, the price is not updating in “exchange” section. as these both screenshots were taken now with 2 seconds difference. and both pages are refreshed. This is only happening to Vote due to my experience, other BEP-2 Tokens are showing same price on Swap and Exchange.

It’s actually accurate, the swap was basing it on the lowest asked price which is 0.00029992 BNB. You were placing your order on the highest bid price which is 0.00023505 BNB.

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true, but what makes me confused now, is that I want to Exchange BNB to Vote now, same amount that I have, so I have 3300 Vote ($23.61) and I want to get same amount right now, which can be 0.77 BNB ($23.61) right?
and this order is not being confirmed (New Order), so if I change the price to 1 BNB for 3300 (as it’s shown in Swap), the order happens, this means that the order confirms only if I pay 1 BNB ($30) for 3300 Vote ($23.61). is there a big fee for that or is it a bug?

It looks like you misunderstood things.

Your new order states that you have placed a buy order limit for the price of 0.00023506 BNB per VOTE. In the “Exchange” tab, you need to wait for your order to be filled, else, you can select the lowest asked price (which is 0.00029992 BNB) so you can instantly exchange your crypto (that is the same as market buying in the “Swap” tab).


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