Wallet address / passphrase

I want to know if the wallet address and the 12 word passphrase are connected. In others words, the 12 word I see on the app, are they linked only to my wallet address or are the two not linked?

Hello your 12 word recovery phrase is the key to your wallet.
Without your keys, you would be unable to access your wallet in any worse case scenario.

Thanks. I think I was scammed. The guy gave me the wallet code to load onto Trust Wallet. So I wanna know, the 12 word passphrase that I have on the app, is it linked to the wallet code the guy gave me? I wanna backup everything, delete the app, reinstall it and import using my 12 word passphrase, but that won’t help if the wallet code and passphrase are not linked. When I view my wallet, it is for view only, I can’t transact.

Maybe your in the wrong account …h. …

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is the wallet address linked to the 12 word phrase?

Yes it is

So basically, to gain access to the account (not just view it), I have to backup everything, delete the app, reinstall it and import the wallet using the 12 words and not the wallet address, then I should have access to the account.

Yes that is correct