Wallet connect not working with..

Hello everyone. I can’t get my trust wallet to connect with a QR code to staking.sandbox.game. I have SAND. My noob suspicion is that it will not connect because I don’t have any ETH in my trust wallet. Just a guess. Or maybe trust isn’t supported although I’ve read an article that says it is. Anyway. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Hello @Rowdy1212 Dapp will connect even you don’t have gas fees. The problem could be with DApp you are trying to connect. You have to contact the project team for this issue.

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Hi. Hank you for your response. So by “project team” I am thinking you mean someone from the sandbox? :joy::joy: Sorry. I found that a bit funny. I gotta get in contact with the boys and girls in the sandbox!