Wallet Connect Questions

Will the upcoming removal of the DApp effect Wallet Connect on iOS?

When using Wallet Connect with multiple wallets, can I restrict access of Wallet Connect just to a Single wallet, and not others?


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Wallet Connect only allows one connection to one device at a time.

My question was if I use wallet connect to connect to an exchange, will that connection be to all my all Trust wallets, or just the current one? My idea is to setup just a single Trust wallet for one coin, and connect using that, but the multi-wallet, I prefer not to use wallet connect with that. Can that be done?

It will just connect to the current one.
For example, if you connect to Binance DEX, it will just use the current BNB address to interact with the site.

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Hola, hice un traspaso de billetera 1 a billetera 2 y me quedó en transacción hace dos días…hoy me llegó otro pago a billetera uno y lo envié a billetera 2 pero también me quedó en modo transacción…que puedo hacer para destrabar esto ?? Ya que necesito la billetera en funcionamiento cuanto antes…por favor, ayuda…


silly question but can i manage mine and my friends trust wallet on my phone

Hi Zachwei, after an OS upgrade on my iPhone, Wallet Connect no longer connect Trust Wallet to Thoreum Finance. It still works to connect to PCS, Poocoin, etc. However, I’ve tried over 2 dozen times - to no avail - to connect to Thoreum Finance.
I need to harvest / access previously staked funds, etc.

Is it due to an application interface problem? Who owns the responsibility to fix it (TW, WC, or Thoreum)?

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@zachzwei ı joined the beta program so there should be beta apk as I thougt for android expect the play store, can u please send me thw pk to import my ex trust wallet