Wallet for Windows

Is it possible to have a wallet on the Windows system?

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No specific plans yet.
We are currently focused on mobile devices.
Please stay tuned.


Hi my trust wallet had been frozen now for 2 weeks any idea how this can be fixed? I’ve tried refreshing the page and it doesn’t work? Thanks

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Please try to update the app first. If you still have issues, please provide the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Further details about your issue
  3. Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)

Hi I updated the app yesterday and it’s not froze but the funds in my wallet are coming up as $0?

Some crypto might not have value due to this update:

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My friends wallets are showing value and I have much more than them and it’s still showing $0, think I may have to use a different wallet?

What is the version of the app that you are using?