Wallet recovery

Hey guys good security love your work. I believe you’ll have more customers if you add this to means of recovery. Many people lose their 12 key words due to carelessness and possible accidents. You should add the below as a means of wallet recovery

"Users if they can’t provide their 12 key phrase, they should provide those of ALL the wallets they’ve transacted with. This must be more than one transactions.

Users should be given access to use their own 12 key word.

Even funds can be recovered if some documents can be provided in banks. So is keeping our money in banks safer? Because you have “MORE THAN ONE MEANS OF RECOVERING YOUR FUND”

Many aren’t willing to use Trust wallet but go for block chain because they can recover their fund through “PASSWORD and 12 Key Words”


Or it can be cool if Trust Wallet start to work like Argent, it can be definitely a game changer!

argent dot xyz slash security


Ethereum was sent out of my wallet without my approval. How can I recover it

Ouch, do you know where you sent them?

When will I receive my money