Walletconnect has been buggy


Walletconnect has not been working smoothly. It takes a few tries to connect to sites and then sometimes an error message pops up saying that an unknown error has occured.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes! This has been happening to me since the took the Dapp off of Trust Wallet. Now I can’t buy anything with Pancake Swap. Is there a fix, and is Trust Wallet going to tell us what it is???

Hello @BarclayStinkBottom make sure you have latest app version and follow this guide: Using WalletConnect to Access PancakeSwap

I typically can’t connect to Pancake swap since the latest update. When I go to connect, I am brought over to Trust, I see a note that it is trying to connect. And that is it. When I go to look at active connections, nothing. I have had a handful of times that I can connect to Pancake, but when I go to execute my transaction, nothing happens and transaction times out.

Please help!

Hello @Xahcolo check this guide for the latest version: WalletConnect Mobile Linking with Trust Wallet

Didn’t work.

Needed to clear browser cache and history inside settings and then Safari on iOS. Need to add this to tutorial.