Want to transfer safemoon to new wallet

I wanted to transfer my safemoon to a new wallet but I got an error stating out of gas, the gas price was on 7. What would the correct gas price be then?

Hello can you try using the gas suggested from the app to send the transaction?

I did the suggestion was 5 and I set it to seven and it still came back out of gas.

I just tried 15 on gas and it failed also. I also don’t understand why it keeps my BNB if it fails.

I have same issue. Anyone find a fix? Support still hasn’t emailed me back. I’ve lost my gas fee 4 times trying to send. This is BS.

Wonder how much they make by just collecting failed transaction fees, can make a business just out of that… It’s ridiculous…

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I have found the solution, its really simple. You just need to make more BNB to your Trustwallet account, like atleast 20 - 30 dollar would do the trick. Don’t forget to swap the normal BNB to the BNB smart chain.

It has worked for me, i also had this issue.


how fee gas for your transaction? still 5 or more? i failed 3 times, i adjusted the gas fee charge from default 5 to 10 but still failed, and i didnt get it