Warning - don't leave too many funds on exchanges

I have been trading for years and still worry about my assets left on exchanges. With the recent Ethereum fees going through the roof, and the convenience and sometimes crucial timing of coin pump and dumps - this is an evil we have to endure at times.

However I have to blow the whistle on an exchange that CANNOT be trusted.

unnamed.exchange constantly fails to log me in, then gives me a 5 minute lockout - spoiling any chance to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities.

LUCKY for me, I have very little funds there but it happens every time i try to log in, not just now and then.
Anything i planned on doing is now in the toilet.

Any more exchanges that needs a warning sign stuck on their website? Let us know.
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with trust wallet or Binance

This is why I love decentralised exchanges. Trade straight from your TRUST wallet.