Watch only wallet recovery phrase

Dear Trust Wallet,

If possible I would like some product support from one of the experts. I saved my recovery phrase that trust wallet created for me when I made a new wallet. I then deposited TWT from binance when binance did the airdrop. I recently bought a new phone and tried to add the wallet via the recovery phrase method. After entering the recovery phrase I am given an empty wallet with a different address. I am trying to find the wallet address based on the recovery phrase using BIP39 - Mnemonic Code However I have not succeeded yet. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you

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Sorry for crying wolf… Luckily… I took a screenshot of the recovery phrase on my phone and I was able to find the old recovery phrase… I guess I made 2 wallets by mistake, saved the first recovery phrase by doing a screenshot on the phone… and the second wallet recovery phrase I saved as a text file on my pc… I’m not sure why I made 2 wallets but maybe this is what other users are experiencing and somehow they recorded the recovery phrase of the wrong wallet… I now have saved both recovery phrases on my pc on a txt file and saved the private key via the iancoleman website

So much stress and now some relief… just confused why I had 2 wallets or what would have prompted me to do that…


Hello @frozenranger that’s what a lot of users who complain about missing funds usually do. They back up only one wallet leaving other wallets not backed up.

However it is not advised to save recovery phrase/private keys on Pc. It’s better to write on piece of paper and store in a safe place.


I agree with the previous shared advised here of saving your recovery phrase offline (either in a piece of paper or something like a cryptosteel).