Watch wallet SOLUTION

My funds stucked here with " watch wallet " reason and on the web site I couldn’t find a certain way to fix this. Every thing is extremely complicated and confusing so I need a direct help because I have very important payments this week.

Can any one help me pls?..


You have been scammed so sorry for that. I believe it’s a trap wallet you can’t transfer money from a watch wallet


Actually it’s not a surprise tough! But this showed me to stay completely away from this digital money bullshit. Because as soon as I’ve sent my first post I’ve started to get help mails asking my security informations. Now I’m calling legal authorities to report this!


@Astigmattt watch wallet means you imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase or private keys. If you are the owner of the wallet import through recovery phrase or private keys you’ll be able to access your funds.

Check this guide on how to import: How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely