We need a hide Zero balance option

I have many coins that have come and gone through my Trustwallet. Some are now zero balance, but I dont want to delete them. Having a hide zero balance feature would really help. Thanks.


strongly support this. i dont think anyone would have reason to be opposed. why isnt this a reality yet ?

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I would really love this option! It is so hard to find a coin in my wallet with all those 0 balances.

Hello @stefan63 follow this guide on how to hide 0 balance tokens/coins: How to Add or Remove a Coin

Yes, would be good feature like how they have it on atomic wallet, coins with balance show automatically and you can hide 0 balance , also on binance exchange same thing. Would be a lot easier than doing it manually :grin:

i concur. manually hiding zero balances is tedious and can lead to error and loss. if i hide something, then buy more but forget, i wont notice until i comb through my holdings on a block explorer, line by line.

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You’re right but maybe also a function to convert small amounts (dust) to a specific crypto like on Binance to BNB.