What A Time to Be a Crypto adopter

So glad Cryptocurrency and blockchain have changed my life:

More accessibility and security:trust:

More Passive IncomeDeFi

More learning et exposure…Trust community

:blue_heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:


I will love to say what you just said about crypto. But am yet to make money from it

No doubt brother it’s the best moments of my life.

:trust: making it easier to learn more with the higher and mighty amongst us. :trust:


So many opportunities to jump into…
Haven’t you heard of DeFi protocols where you can stake your cryptoassets…?

Or add liquidity to get rewards in form of protocol tokens…

NB: You’ve got to worry about impermanent loss on the later.


Yeah sure certainly but impermanent loss can be contained.


Really?..you can give more insight on that bro…

Personally, I feel that a newbie should not get into liquidity providing unless she/he is aware of the pair tokens and market volatility. I have recently burnt fingers providing liquidity for 1inch. 50% loss in Ether

Tread carefully


Sad. Very true. I prefer staking…

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I have but I don’t know why to start or do it.

At least I have up to 4,000 TWT doing nothing in my account wallet

It’s just a matter of sticking to what we can afford to handle

OMG I though do both staking and liquidity pool staking as well the thing is one should just have the mindset of long term and proper record of the entry price as at when you supply liquidity to the pool and should be cautious of that when existing the pool to they shouldnt be too much difference either upward or downward.

Plus I think it’s profitable when you stake with reasonable fund your profit will bury your staked amount if the difference in the value of paired token isn’t too far.

It’s just what have i observed over time. @vipul19


Just an advice if the twt is in Bep20 just swap half of it to cake and stake it all, u can even stake it on twt pool on the panacakeswap pool page or any other pool u choose to, and to the mean topic if u have much to spare liquidity pool is awesome but if u don’t please stick to staking, it’s safer that way.


I don’t have TWT in Bep20

My TWT is in Bep2

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It doesn’t matter what network token you are holding both are same but if you must participate in governance voting and staking too it must be in bep20 smart chain.


It’s now easier just swap half of it to bep20 then to #bnbbep20 and finally to cake or just buy cake and stake straight forward, I will advice you to give bep20 a trial just like @InvestorAwesum said their are much opportunity on bep20 chain than bep2.


Sure. But since staking is also a form of long term hodl, one just needs to lock up his assets and come back from there when price moons.