What about the price of ETH? πŸ˜‚

ETH reach $400 and get back again, think you that he can touch $500 in 2020?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


There is a higher tendency of ethereum hitting such again before the close of 2020 but certainly even higher in 2021.

Hey ok thanks @Danielayo
Then 2021 will approximately be good for eth

@dhoun 1000$ by end of this year :slight_smile:


Wow @harry22
This will be awesome. We all wish it ooooh


$400 is definitly a resistance zone so the moment it is broken the price will go up !

Wov we are here to see @YAV

ETH is really rising fast , it’s better to start buying and hold now

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Some sources say that it might reach 1200$

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It is already its ATH, i expect more than 1.2k, if everything goes perfectly it isnt impossible to see ethereum reach 10k !

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