What are the best validators for staking BNB in trust wallet?

Best validators for staking bnb in trust wallet? Share your experiences here.
So far staking my bnb on trust wallet has been very unpleasant experience. I’ve tried Cisco and Ararat which both turned out badly. Ararat was decommissioned after which I redelegated my bnb to Cisco and tried to withdraw all to no avail.

So which are the best validators?


This is totally up to you to decide, but you can monitor voting power on Binance Smart Chain | Binance Staking | Binance Swap to see which validators are in the top 21 list, otherwise they will become inactive.

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You couldn’t withdraw from Cisco?? I’ve seen a lot of claims from customers who couldn’t withdraw from different validators. I have in stake and I’m worried about what I can get out when I want to make a withdrawal

You can unstake/redelegate to validator that is active. By the protocol risk is on the validator itself, there is no risk on the delegators.

Any unstake validation takes 7 days, as it’s enforced by the protocol. In general there is no limits on the Trust Wallet, it is just an interface to manage your delegations/staking.


Thank you very much, I’m worried about that alone, not being able to retire. Thank you very much for the explanation

So even if the validator gets slashed, our delegated funds would be 100% safe?

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If you redelegate to a new validator, will you miss out on rewards for 7 days?


Hi there! I’m new in this community and i would like to address some question please.
I´m writing here because i dont know where else i can post my questions.
I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

I am trying to stake bnb and other tokens too. But every time i press 1 “more” ,
2 “stake details” and then 3 “stake” whatever token i pick a message comes up saying
“Not available”
To mention that the app and my phone´s software are updated.
Is there a minimum to stake?
Where can i check that because i can´t see it anywhere.

Dear sir

Please help today I send my bnb trust wallet to another wallet without memo tag because trust wallet show its optional because I can’t put memo tag but my bnb not received another wallet please check and update sir

Hash tag address

Thank you
Ismail Mulla

You need to contact the receiving address support team and tell them about this deposit issue.