What are the key indicators to deyermine good projects and to invest in them during ico stage?

How can I know a project that is worthwhile and fit for one to invest on during it ico stage hence few projects fail to make it to the exchange while some don’t do well on exchanges either.


Will give one: their community

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Sure thing burh for it’s worth they could be deceptive too.

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Such is inevitable in communities

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We should then follow trend and cast our net then which ever one pulls through we then smile and vice versa.

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  1. Whitepaper
  2. Whitepaper (not mistake)
  3. Technology (consensus)
  4. Science behind that all.
  5. Solution on many real use cases
  6. Testnets going fine
  7. Clear token economycal system
  8. Suceed seed state invesment (major partners)
  9. Marketing
  10. Obey the law(!) in investments on every step by project
  11. Team with science and tech background
  12. Other things

And every point in list can be deployed to many details. So its hard to say quite sure, but to invest with profit you must at least read and research docs, and stats, and teams of:

  1. BTC
  2. LTC
  3. ETH
  4. XRP
  5. Neo
  6. TRX
  7. BNB
    And learn about some marvelous scams there and enjoy they docs too (to learn a difference). Search for it in some ico history?) Or stats like losers of all time at CMC?
    Sometimes even cool project will have hard way thru and will not get it right just because s*it happens(
    And ico can easy be scammed, its quite not comfortable way to invest. High risk, so please think as many times as you can to NOT participate till you have some experience just by side seeing on that market. You always can trade some coins at early listing or so, its quite risky too, but no lock ups (that can be in ico) and so. And fine exchange listing is still some expertise that community follow at some point. So suit yourself, but be advised. And never never never never trust at all you see at ico marketing. Verify, verify, verify by open source, search ffor trustfull sources. Its money. Its not funny or cool playtime. Just hard work with information. And seeking truth in trash of marketing and market rumors, shills, scams etc.

Very true, but if you dont know how to search or dont have time for, you can follow the trend or stick to well known cryptos

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It is hard to tell, they all look great. I mean they all have fancy whitepaper, cool website, super tech with sophisticated term that no one understand, experienced team with a degree from well-known universities and of course you will see FORBES at their media partner.
If I want to be an early investor, I prefer IEO. Let the exchange team do the hard works.

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Perfect opinion basically the team behind the project their integrity o we the years and their tech knowledge are very key and also the seed sale and the testnet are very important… Thanks alot for your in depth knowledge you just shared. Graçïäs. @Kikcha