What can go e me 100% profit?

Which project can give me 100% profit on $1k before the end of this year 2020?
Any suggestion and why have you suggested the project?

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It really depends on how Bitcoin will continue the following period. If everything is fine and we see a steady climb, I can see most of the projects delivering a 100% ROI.
However, I would go with lower cap coins, perhaps LINK, ZIL, ICX etc.
If you would like more than 100%, the TW Token will probably fulfill your wishes. Already 3x in the last couple days.



Buy and hold ethereum.

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I buy Raven Protocol last year and give me 150% profit after 5 months. Then I buy it again 2 weeks ago worth only 1 BNB (it’s listed on Binance DEX) and yesterday I sell it for 1,6 BNB. Buy low.

Or maybe you can try futures trading, high profit, high risk. Not recommended tho. :flushed:

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Try accumulating trustswap tokens, they make it possible to engage in cryptocurrency transactions safely via escrow. I think this token has great chance to increase 100% from it’s current price today.