What could happen to Bitcoin if Defi continue on the rise?

Recent uprising in the cryptocurrency had shown that, the defi has taken the turn to be more promising than other coins in the market. Many have been on the opinion that, Defi will outrun the Bitcoin as many industries have be joining the movement.

Although, many have also said, few projects from now should be watch because of the possibility of scammers getting into the Defi industry to give a bad name. Don’t be careless in making investment with projects without a proper research into their project before invest.


Hmmm, investing in defi is a good idea before it gets out of hand

Are all Defi projects deflationary? Or why the sudden Hype for Defi?


They aren’t deflationary, cryptocurrency has it unique ways of making things hyper than we can explain. Defi isn’t different from ethereum but they’re moving ahead of them in terms of bullish.


Bitcoin is most trusted and popular cryptocurrency around world. So bitcoin is always ahead compare to other crypto projects and will be the leader in market.


What exactly is Defi coin? Bitcoin is a legendary coin, nothing will happen to Bitcoin except to remain strong and dominant. The dominant margin of this coin is huge.

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Bitcoin will continue to rise, even if slowly and not that fast as before, but it will go up. People will panic buy when the whole 21 mil. will be mined, that’s when the market will really begin to be interesting.

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nowadays defi is the topic of town


Defi seems to get some sort of hype nowadays

The recent dorminance can’t be compare to the formal.

Can defi really outrun bitcoin?
That’s impossible

So far defi is being hyped nowadays doesn’t mean it would outrun bitcoin, moreover bitcoin will ever remains a legendary coin

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BTC has arrived on Ethereum as Ethereum wrapped token. WBTC is a good product and it is supported by Trustwallet. DeFi can consume anything.

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What are you thinking about smart contract ?

Don’t think defi will outrun/replace BTC. It will probably become a part of the DeFi part of blockchain tech by being used as collateral for loans on p2p credit platforms.
But the trust and universal adoption in the space is nothing that the DeFi hype can easily just take over imo :slight_smile: It’s still only a part in a very entangled new tech sector that’s centered around bitcoin.


AMPL is directly trying to create a market place that is detached from Bitcoin.

DeFi coins/tokens allow you to do many things. One of them being staking or ‘earning’. For example… in your savings account you accumulate a small bit of funds just for holding money in there… in a lot of cases .01 USD per month…
With DeFi… if you took a DeFi coin and staked it or put it in Earn on the crypto . Com platform you could make 10x that amount…even more…
14 to 16% by staking the CRO on cryptocom…
Is it risky? Of course but as long as you have a trusted source and you’ve done your research that is what matters. Same with a bank dont just pick a bank and run with it… research them first. See if they have any complaints and what those complaints are…
DYOR! :heart::green_heart::heart::green_heart::heart::green_heart:

My own opinion is that investors should be careful and watchful of scammers

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I’ll say it’s possible, but not overnight


Absolutely! Very important! I wish I could notify ever new person to the crypto world of the current Youtube scams …just can’t reach every person

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