What crypto you hold the most?

I wanna know users of trust wallet what coins they hold the most,and why? for my additional infos on what to hold, just sharing ideas, please don’t flagged this, friendly sharing only bro


BTC, of course) No need to tell why?)
XLM - fast, cheap, will made it (old alt).
LTC - because its “crypto silver” and only mimblewimble (soon) in app)
BNB - obvious))


I used trust wallet to hold mostly ERC 20 tokens and some Binance BEP tokens.


I use the Trust wallet to hold ETH the most because it is the second largest cryptocurrency after BTC


this is of course everyone’s personal choice. I keep mostly eth, brt, trx, ltc and twt

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$TOMO has a great future also has increased its price rapidly


Cardano $ADA. Because of strongest team and I hope great future


ADA, VET and TrustSwap, its still new but it has potential. Better check it out guys you wont regret it

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For me the most l hodl usually ethereum second bitcoin also bitcoin cash and the others like litecoin,usdc,tron and callisto
I prefer trust wallet because it is using ERC 20 and suitable for ethereum user some more a lot of international accounting firm accept ethereim as payment for consultancy fee in auditing and taxation that what l am doing now

I hold XLM and ADA cardano

I would vote for TWT as an advantage: D you know why not everyone who knows about cryptocurrencies has a Trust wallet on their phones … trust TWT

I hold token erc20, bep tokens and etc


Exactly my point. I love holding BTC and it really helpful for me

Toutes les monnaies que je possède en nombre sont en ERC20. CRU CoinClaim Superone. J’apprécie plus ce wallet à cause de la promotion des projets en cryptomonnaie.

Twt, igg, 888 Tron, Cro, mco,

Twt because it is the future and now.
Btc because it set the way straight.
Link because I can’t do with out it :grin:
Bnb because I have to

Let me give you all one piece of advice from the lesson I leaned recently. Whatever big bags of alts you hold, please also hold some percentage of Bitcoin. I learned from my mistake. I only hold alts and I saw how alts go crazy on dumps when the big boy BTC starts moving. So it doesn’t matter what crypto you hold unless you hold some BTC too.

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Twt good project
Klv great project

Mostly eth, I always like the fact that it is the first currency that can be utilised in different apps/icons/defy hype. BTC of course ,BnB and my last addition twt :wink:

~45% Eth
~25% major alts
~30% random coins and shit coins, for SHAD strategy

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