What do one earn by posting nd commenting on posts on the this forum?

I really want to know the importance and income in posting and commenting on posts on this teust wallet forum.


This is a community of trust wallet. We help each other for solving any issue. You won’t get anything for commenting and posting.


Yap brother we are community and fam
We help each other
Glad to know you here brother


Above all benefits is the power to make decisions. All community members get the chance to vote for or/and against a major decision.


En realidad el foro es para tener información sobre la app

Brother dont focused on what you earn by posting or commenting instead lets focused on what can we learn, what suggestions we can add and issues that we experienced that are need to be solved


Like wise brother the crypto world was built to prevent criminal terrorism and to help make having riches in life a lot safer but some how someone has to always ruin it.
Damn :unamused:hackers!!!
I mean I haven’t been hacked or scammed personally but I can only imagine how awful the people who face these circumstances feel. Talk about invasion of privacy & personal finances :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The community is not created to earn u anything, the community is about sharing ideas and helping each other out in crypto world.

R8 dude…

It will Show how active you are