What do think of Project Serum?

SRM now hits $1.9 soon to be $5.

What is Project Serum?

Serum is the world’s first completely decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain trading brought to you by Project Serum, in collaboration with a consortium of crypto trading and DeFi experts. While we built the Serum protocol, it is permissionless – we do not hold special power anymore. It is up to you, the crypto community, to use it as you will.


Most DeFi protocols are in a Centralized oracle. But Serum enables a fast DEX…fully decentralized. No oracles to centralize price feeds; no tribunals whose honesty you rely on.

Serum is a pure DeFi. Unlike current DeFi, it is fast and cheap.

This is not an investment advice in any way!


ww…almost 16 hundred%in just 24hr…?

Not accurate!
They calculated the percentage starting from 0.11c, a price we never saw on Binance!
It was saying: "the price will start trading above 0.11c, but on Binance it started at $1, believe me, I was there ready to buy.
A more accurate calculus would be starting from one dollar, or actually 0.96c was the lowest if I remember correctly. and that’s a +100% change. So +1500% is totally bullshit, pardon my french.


What do it means by that?

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I bought at $2 and I thought its $0.11 too the starting price.

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This is not financial advice, Just it is my analysis that right now it will do little bit correction then it will move again.

I mean that the starting price was not 0.11c but $1.

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Thats the price they wanted to.

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Well, not really… From their website (binance research): “Issuing Price 0.11 USD / SRM” - wasn’t the case. I had buy orders around that area and none of them got filled bcs. the price started at $1, as I mentioned before.

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Yes me too I have set my buy order at 0.11 but nothing was filled. So I bought at market price which is $2.

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You will probably make some profit over it eventually, but if BTC continues to go down, so will SRM.

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It does so to almost all other tokens/coins. SRM inclusive.

hello dear , How can I get serum?

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It is listed on Binance, FTX, Bitmax and some other exchanges.

Yeah its an awesome project. I missed it… I have missed a lot of good projects in love with XRP

While one of their team is already teamed up in other project, that is FTX. The CEO of SRM is CEO too of FTX Project.

I think, the progress Will bee 1:1… :blush:

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