What do you love most in crypto?

I love most in crypto is i earn token/money and aside from that I make a new friends…I learned a lot of things there.


It helps to solve problem of unemployment to an extent in my country and with time will reduce the poverty level expecially for those who have adopted it already.


I loved your answer.your right…this is a alternative ways of having a extra income especially to those unemployed person.


For me - possibility to send value anywhere, with low fee and fast


Very true! Since the lockdown, crypto became my major source of income and that’s what I have been using to feed my family.


When you say low fee, not with btc and eth. Lol

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Yeah, but trx, nano, bnb are fine :wink:

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Very true. Bch, bsv Ada are not bad too

Wow.good for you.hope everyone like you :slightly_smiling_face:job well done

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The Decentralization promise and the hustlers.

I no longer have to TRUST central authority in some transactions. The idea of being my own bank is cool

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Wow Crypto has really been holding it down for people

It’s a way of getting a lifetime income without certificate or the bank verification, you have control over it

What i love in crypto is that you can still earn💰 even without capital or investment through airdrop

What I love most in Crypto is that I can conveniently and easily send money to someone in another country without unnecessary bureaucracy.

The money gets to the person in just few minutes.

I also pay less charges.

Also, the system is safe and secured.

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What I love most in Crypto is that it’s a very good INVESTMENT SCHEME.

Do you know that Crypto has taken so many people out of the unemployment market?

It’s a very good source of income.

Many people who lost their jobs as a result of Covid-19, are now into Crypto, and they’re quite happy.