What do you think the future of TWT?

Can you imagine what is the future of TWT?for me it will be a successful and a big impact to a crypto world


The future, definitely no doubt holds good for trust wallet token. Just let us cross our Ts and dot our Is as we watch it grow.


I think future is in our hand

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I agree with you…:slightly_smiling_face: everyone hold their TWT.,even my friends

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I think will go to 1.5$ when binance add it .

Every crypto has a prospective success

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If that in case everyone will be surely happy especially to those holder.

I think twt very good prospect for a future, you know trust wallet have more user, more best community and once more trust wallet is BINANCE partner, no 1 market in the worlds


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Hold twt and bnb and stay connect with trust wallet team