What is best hardware wallet between the two?

Guys what do you think is the best hardware wallet of the 2? Is it Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S? Cause I’m planning to buy one for me. Thanks


Ladger nano S is the 1st among top ten and I encourage you to go for it


Great, thanks for the advice bro now I know what will I choose to buy…:+1::slightly_smiling_face::innocent:


Am very glad I could figure one out for you , you are always welcome


My dear friend, first consider your use type of hardware wallet:
-cold vault?
-dex trading?
-day trade?
-day needs (if you are innovations thru pay and pain guy)
Second thing:
How much money you will store? Does this amount cost enough to pay additional 60/120 € for store this way?
Last but not least)
While S is older and uncomfortable to everyday use, X have bluetooth that is next step in usabilityand next door to put a hand in your sack)). And both of them still can brimg you to situation when some bad guy will see that device, and while being smart bad guy, he will roast you will that device and you will have nothing to do with it(
Also, there is other forms of dangers like fire, water, battery, kids, transfer from rent to rent. Really, think twice) Better stack some more BTC on trust wallet. Also, there was couple of posts at community, with other good examples and thoughts. Search for it before make move.


Thanks for your input mate. What you have said made me think again and should take into consideration the associated risks in planning to store crypto assets in hardware wallet. Now i have the idea of the inherited risks in using hardware wallet. Thanks.