What is essential for technical analysis

In the time of technical analysis what is essential that is given below:

  1. Support and resistance
  2. Trend line
  3. Breakout
  4. Correction/re-tracement
  5. Swing
  6. Price action
  7. Candlestick analysis

I think this is so important for doing technical analysis. Is there anything else bro. Please suggest me. :pray:


Dont forget that timeframe is first thing first and very essential to decide your nearest strong / weak support and resist line

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Essential is education. Read books (!) from 1960-80th american one about stock trades and TA. That was time when you cant past some idiocracy in public, like now on youtube.
Join Trading view community, research who is Fibbonacci, Wolf, Elliot. Read books about they theory, try to use it on demo trader with no real buck.
And later you will discover that its all kinda speculative. Will found VSA, Price action model. So go there and stugy theory first.


@Bivick Here you are.