What is Inscription

@antonka Are you saying that by importing your wallet from Trust Wallet to Electrum Wallet, you were able to transfer BTC to other people which you weren’t able to do in Trust Wallet due to the same issues that we still have here?

that’s right, in trust wallet, my entire balance is in the Inscription, but when I imported the wallet into electrum wallet, I was able to transfer my btc

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I’m very afraid to top up my wallet. Any news about the inscriptions? Please

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Hi did you manage to fix this, I am also having the same issue.

Hello. importing wallet actually works, thanks for sharing. this only works if the entire amount is shown on the blockchain

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What do you mean by “this only works if the entire amount is shown on the blockchain”? Do you mean that this method works only if the whole amount that is on blockchain is inscripted?

Hi, how do i transfer money to people if the electrum wallet has imported wallet with inscription

@Ash10683 I’m not sure I understand what you mean ? Please ask just Trust wallet related questions here.

How do I get money I’m broke I’m trying get some but idk how to do it I got 0 dollar to my name so idk