What is the gain?

What is the need of all these BNB that it is been send the people’s trust wallet app account?

For the past five days now, I have received from 0.000018 up to 0.000058 BNB. The funny thing about it is that, if you add up all that I have received is not up to one cent while the transaction fee of all that I have received is more than 12 cent.

So, I asked again… What is the gain?


That’s does not make any sense. How can the scammers think that anyone will send them his or her BNB just because they send nothing to their BNB address?


Greed can make any1 do that…

Everyone desperation for quick money is not the same :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There is no gain. It’s simply a malicious activity by hackers and scammers.

The scammers don’t have sense at all.

:smile: thats really funny

No airdrops, these days