What price of ETH do you expect by the end of the year?

What price of ether do you expect by the end of the year ? I Think 450 $ ±


I won’t be surprised to see it at 500

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$500 or more maybe…

Buy end of year it’s going to be between $480 and $560

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Perhaps around $500 if it breaks the resistance line which is currently seated at $330 to $340

Yes the price can reach 500 USD. Let’s see how BTC progresses further :slight_smile:

It is most likely to go above $500.

Still remember BTC price highest prices as 20000 USD in 2017🙂 and Lowest prices as 1000 USD in same year.

$450 or More…:wink::wink:

It’s possible since eth already reached $1k before.

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I think it might be around 545-565€…

well we nearly hit 400$ tonight so, 450-500$ is a minimum, at least I hope !

It’s not slowing down at all