What to do if you are facing issue in TWT BNB swap! 👇

Check that you’ve right amount of swap fees.

You can do the following things

  1. Firstly export the 12 word recovery phrase (remember to double check, the recovery phrase you’re exporting are correctly spelled.)
  2. Now uninstall the application you’re using.
  3. Go to trustwallet(dot)com and download the wallet again. Remember to download from the official site and the latest version is downloaded.
  4. Now install it and import the account by that 12 word recovery phrase.
  5. Now try to swap again.
  6. If still can’t swap then write a support ticket in Feedback & Support channel with proper information.

By the way, why not using the exchange feature? It’s more convenient to use exchange feature (uses binance dex) . Just click on Exchange and search for your required pair.

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Dear Trusteer,
Thanks for this information! It’ll really be of help to many members.


Phrase is so so important, keep it in safe place

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Yah, that’s me.
Just follow your tips its work.

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