What to do when the contract validation is failed

Hi there
I have transferred some crypto but it seems missing somewhere as the status is failed
Can somebody help me how to follow it up?

We will be happy to help out.
Can you provide the following details:

  1. Trust Wallet app version.
  2. Address of the missing Crypto.
  3. Transaction ID
  1. Version 4.6
  2. Address of the missing cryto
  3. 0xe36b2bea7bcdf2b752fec7b66831987fc438f7905c6a50284789330cfbc8f5ed

I payed but didn’t get position in milion.money may i ask for position or refund?

The version of your app is a bit different from the usual build numbers that we have.
You can check our Announcements thread for the release notes for Android and iOS.

Please make sure you are downloading Trust Wallet from Official Sources.

Good work trust team

Who else think there should be some other way or backup way if we forget key


Thanks Trust team keep supporting

Yes there should be other ways