What trading Pattern suits you and why?

Hey guys as a trader we sometimes are faced with which trading style suits us while trading, hence the method one applies to succeed might be quite different from yours.

We have different kinds of traders:

  1. Scalp Trader.
  2. Trend Trader.
  3. Swing Trader.
  4. Day Trader.
  5. Technical Trader.
  6. Fundamental Trader

What is a trading strategy?
Trading strategy Is the method of buying and selling in the market that is based on predefined rules used to make trading decisions.

Type of trading strategy.

  1. Active strategy requires more time and attention. We call them active because they involve constant monitoring and frequent management of portfolio.
  2. Passive is just the opposite.


  1. What kind of trader are you?
  2. Which trading style suits you and how do you apply risk management to your trading? And why do you choose the trading style you use and how does it maximize your profit?

Me am a future trader with zero skill now


You still need to find your rythme so you have the market.


Yea glad am learning little by little already


Glad you are here in at community.trustwallet.com whatever you need is here.

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