What was the first #crypto you bought?

Three questions:

:small_blue_diamond: What was the first #crypto you bought?
:small_blue_diamond: Do you still #HODL it?
:small_blue_diamond: What’ s your favorite wallet?


Btc(low amount)
Still have it!


Still hodl
Trust wallet, no doubt


Rippel XRP (138 piece)
Trust Wallet

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Xrp ripple, still hodl, waiting for the price boom, it has been impressing me

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Xlm lumens at $0.2​:sob:, still HOLD till now :muscle:

Trust wallet of course :+1:

Favourite wallet: Trust Wallet
1st Crypto I bought: BTC (I bought in 2017 and paid it to a fraud :joy:) Lessoned Learned.
I hodl BNB though and RARI (Governance tokens have a trend that makes you money in a steady climb)

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I believe 90% newest crypto users bought btc, so I’m I.

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BTC was my first crypto, still hodling!


Bitcoin was the first crypto I bought which I later converted it to ethereum

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XRP about years ago and have to cut loss with -50% damage.
Used to be Trust wallet but now I have to use 2nd wallet since they don’t support iOS 12 anymore.

Btc and I still HOLD it ! Then I went in a lots of directions ^^

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EOS at 2017

btc and xrp. still have a little tho. :blush:
fave wallet. trust and coins.ph​:blush::blush:

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$SOL, mi billtera favorita es Trust Wallet la mejor sin duda alguna😍

Obviously BITCOIN but I don’t hold